At first, you might confuse this with rather a romantic story of two music lovers coming together over a dimly lit table late one evening, in reality, the table we gazed across was a sea of empty Chang and San Miguel bottles and dog ends, the glassy look in our eyes had nothing to do with the shimmer of attraction. In fact, the time was closer to two or three in the morning and the bar had long closed, only we hadn’t notice due to inebriation and the verbal diarrhoea we were spouting. We actually hardly knew each other at that time although had met several times through mutual friends at some party or another which often happens in the old city of Chiang Mai.

We soon met again remembering snippets of our conversation and continued to talk about music artist that moved us in some way or another. We almost started to play top trumps of music snobbery, each outdoing the last track mentioned. What became clear that we both love music and Northern Soul in particular. After a very enjoyable evening of excluding and rejecting everyone else’s tastes, we arranged to meet for an evening of self-indulgence. We listened to a few rare vinyls that had made it into this personal collection and travelled around the world via The Uk/Hong Kong and eventually Thailand. Slowly losing sobriety, it was mentioned how cool it might be to find a radio station that could cater to our sense of superior taste.

Of course, I don’t believe my music taste is any better than the next persons, in fact, embarking on this project has highlighted how little I knew but it’s been fun learning new skills and listening to things I perhaps would never have heard.

So, how it started, oak trees from tiny acorns comes to mind. A simple message “Dude I’ve found something cool!” It was intriguing enough to listen further. “We could have our own station!” Over the coming days and weeks, we bounced around ideas of what we could play and who we could ask to be involved in one capacity or another, and how this hobby could eventually make a return for us. Weeks turned into months with us learning how to use the software we found, hours spent over tutorials on youtube until we learned a basic understanding, before starting to actually create one station.

We soon recognized a flaw. We were again back around that table alienating everyone else due to our own self-indulgence. So why not make five, six or even seven stations under one banner, where people can choose what genre they want to listen to. As you’re now aware we settled on twelve stations, and who knows what might happen in the future. We’ve only just begun.

We then started to build a site around those stations that continued to grow every time we met up, no idea seemed too much trouble. Imagination became our biggest excitement and the more outrageous it appeared, the more focused on achieving the goals we became.

The only thing that started to concern us was the whole thing would never be complete, to this day it’s still not complete, it never will be. This for us it has become our addiction, our drug or even our porn. Evolve with us, we’re on a long journey. Hopefully, what you see, hear, and enjoy today is only a glimpse of what’s coming in the not so distant future.