We eventually arrived at the point where we were ready to switch on and at least play our music even though the site around it was far from finished. We made lots of enquiries as to licencing to enable us to broadcast, Which brought to light many unforeseen issues. For example, the 12 stations I previously mentioned were now classed as 12 individual radios requiring a licence for each. This was way out of our budget range, and once again we were forced to reduce the music down to one station. Also, we made audio adverts for several venues that have supported us. It was frustrating to learn that these would need to be removed as the licence didn’t cover the use of other people’s music to promote businesses. 


With all these issues now resolved moving forward was now possible, and I was pushing us to go live at the earliest possible moment. My partner was less keen I think but reluctantly went along with it and set the beast free. Seeing where we are today I think I was wrong to do that as I think we would have had a much bigger impact on people if the site was ready, and users of the site and station would instantly be aware of our end-term goals. I don’t think we will ever reach our end-term goals as we keep moving those goals to include the next Idea. 


Around our beta testing switch on, things became a little tense, we were both working extremely hard at our respective jobs plus the radio with the extra frustration of now albeit temporary we were time zones apart with one of us remaining in Chiang Mai and the other in England. Even to balance family life was incredibly hard when we were working sometimes eighteen hours a day for weeks on end. Luckily we are the same sort of characters and not easily offended so as soon as we got whatever issue off our chests normality resumed.


Even to this day, (7th Feb 2021) the music has not been scheduled, it continuous to play a random mix of all genres so at times it selects what many might seem a strange choice in music, hopefully, we can address this soon. I dread to think how many hours we have collectively worked on this over the past twelve months but things are starting to come together nicely. With calendars of events, places of interest around Chiang Mai, news and blogs and way over 170 venues on our lists and maps to locate them all, this has become a monster site and all done between two people that twelve months ago had no idea if this was even at all possible. I’m extremely proud of our achievements, and I can’t wait to see what the next twelve months will bring.


Take a look for yourselves and if you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know you can reach us at hello@wem.fm.